3 Superb Tips for Increasing Your Ejaculation Power

Loads of SemenWhen it comes to ejaculation, the volume is the king, however, the ejaculation power is critical, some men want to shoot like a gun, or a hose connected to a fire hydrant. Some women are impressed when a man releases like a geyser. Some men have very low ejaculation power while others have a super ejaculation power. However, there are easy ways to regulate the ejaculation power.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Ejaculation Power


Water is a solution to many sexual issues. In connection to raising the overall taste as well as the semen volume, the amount of water you take in has a great role on your ejaculation power. The more water you take, the more pressure you will have in your penis and therefore, higher ejaculation power. In addition, water helps to get your penis erect since the real stiff muscles around the penis create a chance for more pressure builds up thereby increasing the ejaculation power.

Kegel exercises

The main role of Kegel exercises is to strengthen muscles at the lower part of the bladder. Kegel exercises play a great role of increasing the ejaculation distance since the same muscles activate when releasing both urine and semen. Kegel exercises stretch the muscles in the gluts and in the lower body part, which boosts the ejaculation power. Kegel exercise involves muscles, which controls ejaculation by strengthening them. Tight and strong muscles mean superior contractions and a load which shots farther. Besides, kegel can also help you to last longer in bed. To ensure your ejaculation is powerful and remain powerful, you should at least make kegel exercises part of your lifestyle. Exercise during the winter, summer, the spring, and the fall season. In a week, do the kegel workouts minimal three times. Besides, work out the pelvic floor muscles three times a day.


Use of supplement to increase the volume of semen can contribute to increasing the projectile or the ejaculation power. Some supplements like mace, tong at, and ginseng are popular varieties that increase the volume of semen. In addition, these supplements serve as energy and libido booster. Besides, they also enhance the force at which you spurt the semen out. Despite that, you need to be aware of supplements, which promise unbelievable results. In most cases, those supplements are useless; in fact, they may harm your body. Any supplements, which claim to boost your ejaculation volume by 1000% in a day, are not true. Therefore, you need to be informed about the type of supplement you are buying.

In conclusion, the power by which you spurt semen out is critical, it makes you enjoy the ejaculation more. If your ejaculation power is low, do not sit back and begin to stress yourself. Take action as fast as possible. low ejaculation power may lower your ego and do not accept it if you can do something about it, take as much water as possible, do kegel exercises and if possible take in supplements. Your sexual life will never be the same again if you adopt any of those tips.